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Man, selling those Wii's on eBay has been the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier today I got a message from someone who had purchased one last sunday and was wondering where it was. I sent him a response telling him that his item had been sent by USPS priority mail, and that according to the delivery confirmation number, it had been delivered earlier in the day. I got the following in response:

from Kevin Grilliot <> to Me
date Dec 15, 2007 11:49 PM
subject Re: You've received an answer to your question about item NIB Nintendo Wii Console + 14 Games +Super Mario Galaxy

you mean to tell me you racked me $40 for shipping and just stuck it in the mail. What'd that run ya, ten bucks. rip off

I just jotted off a response that I'll reproduce here verbatim:

According to my receipt, it ran over $20 after the cost of insurance. I also realize that in your self-obsessed delusion, you might have failed to realize that shipping costs may be greater for other parts of the country farther apart than Ohio and New Jersey. While it cost me $20 to ship your package, I've payed over $35 to ship the same exact item to other locations. It was flat shipping, you knew that going in, and you got what you payed for.

About all I did manage to self-censor was the final sentence concluding he was an asshole. So, what do you think? Should I write a book on how to ebay or what? I can title it, How to Win Friends and Positive Feedback.

Seriously though, what a whiny cunt. Overall, I was just lucky I didn't end up having any people purchase from California, Hawaii, or Alaska. I'm sure that would have pushed the total cost of shipping over the rate I charged. As it was, getting out to some parts of the country already came pretty darn close. Since the USPS changed their entire shipping cost system to take distance into consideration, it's become another level of gambling uncertainty as far as selling crap on ebay. The difference can often be stark. Sending to people a state or two away only ended up costing around $15 and change, less than half as much as freighting it out to the hinterlands. I'm sure it all averages out in the long haul, but for most of us small and infrequent sellers, it can have a huge impact on profit margin.

I'm currently selling a bunch of Vera Bradley bags that my sister, Connie, picked up through some online sale. She got around 20 of them for around 60% off all told. She had no intention of keeping them all and so it automaticly became my job to take pictures of these ugly things and put them up for sale. I'm not exagerating either when I affix the ugly label to these bags. Take a look for yourself. The fabric is quilt-like and the pattern resembles something that someone's little old grandmother would have for their living room upholstery. My sister assures me that they are all the rage, however, and I can only conclude she must be right because the damn things have actually been selling. I listed a total of 17 of them a couple of days ago and 6 have already sold. There's simply no accounting for taste if you ask me. On the offchance you too are one of the masses with dubious taste and want one of these ugly bags for yourself, let me know and I can kill the auction and pass on the reduction in ebay and paypal fees.

On a sidenote, I made a new LJ icon which I figured fit this entry pretty well.
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