In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

eAssholes Part Deux

I just got a response back from the whiny cunt. I thought I'd continue to share the exchange for the entertainment value if nothing else. Here's what he wrote:

from Kevin Grilliot <> to Me
date Dec 16, 2007 11:27 AM
subject Re: You've received an answer to your question about item NIB Nintendo Wii Console + 14 Games +Super Mario Galaxy

I am requesting a partial refund of my shipping amout. Based on the amount you charged versus the amount of actual shipping costs, and the fact that you listed no packaging fees, you are in violation of ebay's shipping charges policy by charging me double what the actual shipping charges were. I have sold many items, and I found it works best to not list a shipping amount, and provide shipping quotes to the buyers. Shipping is not supposed to be a method of profit for the seller. I am an honest buyer and seller, and you should be too. Your response to my last email was inapropriate and uncalled for.

He then stuck at the bottom of this a copy of the ebay policy against excessive shipping. I basically told him he could take his request and go fuck himself. But nicely. Well, sorta nicely.

Me to Whiny Cunt:

Complain to ebay all you want. I will simply provide them receipts showing that I payed up to $35 shipping the exact same item to other individuals as well as proof from USPS that if if I had to ship to california or other western states, the cost would have been even higher than what I had charged. See if they can then teach you the meaning of the words 'flat shipping'. If you don't want your item, send it back to me in the condition in which it was received and I'll refund your money.

Maybe I was wrong and Wii-selling was more entertaining than I had given it credit for. It's always interesting to engage in a slapfight with a real asshat.
Tags: ebay, video game club: wii

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