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Once more into the breach

I woke up this morning to the neon green glow of the 'Wii in Stock!' sign on my widget. I debated about it for a bit and then pulled the trigger again. So now I've got yet another Wii on its way to me from and I've got to figure out how to unload it. It's not a huge big deal since I know that Shelley still has at least one friend that wants one, though selling to her would mean no profits. I decided to make a couple of posts on Craigslist for it and hopefully in addition to Nigerian scammers, this time around I also pick up some legitimate interest. I'm only looking to come out $50 ahead so I'm trying to sell the thing for $320 there. That's lower than all the other prices I saw listed so I have some minor hope of being able to seal a deal quickly.
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