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Baby Pictures

Welp, I managed to snag some of the baby pictures taken when Maddie was born. Well, let me clarify that a bit. The pictures are of the time immediately after her birth. If any pictures were taken during then all I know is I certainly don't want to see them and I can only hope the same is true of all of you as well. Actually, to tell you the truth, I find few things less appealing than looking at baby photos in general, and ecspecially ones of people I don't even know. Few things are more tedious than having someone show you an album full of pictures of people you don't know and couldn't give a rat's ass about. It's only worse when it's kids and babies because you're expected to ooh and ahh no matter what the little mutants might look like or how bored you might be with the entire process.

That being said, I know that there are people out there in the world who feel different. I imagine it might have something to do with having ovaries or some such. Damned if I can explain it but I figured that I would provide the pictures behind a LJ cut for those individuals, while the rest of us who don't care for babies can just skip it.

So here she is soon after popping out. Well, soon is a relative sort of term but no more than a couple hours. I'm told that's a lot of hair for a newborn, though it's not like I really have a good standard for comparrison.

Here she is with her little toque. I hope this dosen't mean she's going to end up being partial to the French or Canadians. It's hard to tell what will end up negatively influencing a kid and turn them bad.

Here's Maddie with her da-da.

Everyone was doing the whole facial features matching game at the hospital and I'm not usually very good at noticing things like that even when I'm looking for it. About all I can conclude is that she has my sister's nose and that's about it. And...maybe the eyes too? I'm sure it's hard to tell for the rest of you since dad's face is obscured in these photos.

This is probably my favorite picture of the batch I've seen so far.
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