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God bless China

With all those millions of chinese people chained to their factory jobs and churning out cheap goods. I'm just agog over how cheap toys are nowadays compared to just 10 years ago. I still remember having to pay at least $20 for a medium sized plush doll and the same item now goes for less than half the price. Hell, for $20 nowadays you're usually buying something that can smother a child to death.

I was just browsing around on Amazon and made a couple of impulse buys for Maddie. I'm one of those people who feel that when you buy gifts for children, it should not only amuse the kid but should also provide as much agony and pain to the parents as possible. This provides for endless humor when they graciously thank you for your gift while inwardly cringing. This is why drums and other musical instruments make for perfect gifts.

For an infant though, I had to adjust this slightly and went with something more cutsy, but hopefully just as likely to cause angst. I just bought

Not only are they generally cute 14" stuffed animals, but they also sing and "dance". Each of them knows three different songs and will bob their heads to the beat. The best part is that they automatically sense other sing-a-long bears nearby and will interact and sing together.

The three songs they sing? The Wheels on the Bus, If You're Happy and You Know it, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I can only hope they break out into song at random times and set one another off. I might have to sodder the battery case closed after popping some extra long-last batteries into there.

And you're probably wondering about the cost for these two....$9.40 with shipping and tax included. That's a lot of joy for the cost.
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