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I <3 Promotions

Well, the good ones anyway.

A while back, on the fateful day that I made a trek out to see the monumentally bad The Golden Compass, we stopped off at a bar and resturant named Houlihan's after the film. The meal wasn't anything special but we each got handed a 'mystery envelope' a part of their holiday promotions. The basic idea is that it's sealed with a prize inside that you can't look at until January when you bring it back to the resturant. On the back, the list of possible prizes include a $5 voucher, a free dessert (up to $5.99), a free appetizer (up to $9.99), a $25 voucher, or a $100 voucher. Since you don't know what you're going to get, the idea is that hope might entice you to return to find out.

I've had this thing sitting on my desk for a week or so now and it only just occurred to me to seriously give peeking a try. Turns out, that if you angle the thing just right, you can peer through a hole in the side of the envelope and, with sufficient squinting, make out what it says. Mine's for a free appetizer, which is sorta spiffy. I'm not sure I would have returned to redeem the $5 or the free dessert, but since an appetizer is what I had as an entre when I was there last, it's like they're offering a free meal.

I know that some of the people who also picked up those envelop vouchers read this, so I'm also encouraging you to take a sneak peak. I'm sorta curious if anyone got one of the really good prizes.
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