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Origins 2008

The badge and hotel registration for Origins opened up a while back and I've been procrastinating about it. I dunno. I just don't feel a lot of enthusiasm for the whole thing. Last year was fun since it was a group trip but this year it's likely back to a solo adventure. I just don't feel all that hyped about either origins or gencon as it stands. I'm giving some thought to just saying the hell with it and skipping, but it'd just be my luck that I'd end up changing my mind a week before the event. Both cons just seem more cumbersome in general and I'm not sure that the negatives don't outweigh the positives sometimes.

I think badge registration with the perrenial and poorly named 'Expose a friend' program won't end for a couple of weeks yet. I guess that gives me some time to go out and find a friend. I don't have any that many con-going friends who haven't made a trip to Origins, but there were a couple people who expressed interest here and there. I also need to make a decision about the whole hotel situation. It seems a bit steep to just go solo for a room when it'll run around $150 a night after taxes and such. The problem is since it won't be a group outing, it's not like there's anyone I know well enough to share one with.

Oh well. There's still some time left to procrastinate and figure it all out later.
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