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Few things more stupid than a hippie

One of the problems with insomnia is I sit here and end up surfing around online news sites looking for interesting things to read. The downside is that often what I end up reading pisses me off. Take this article about Beluga whales wearing santa hats for instance.

If you wanted a clear example of just how assinine and fucking stupid animal rights activists are, this is a good place to start. Just look at some of these fucking ridiculous and ignorant quotes.

But environmentalists are saddened by the sight of what they say is the final humiliation for the whale in a country that hunts them down with harpoons.

Final humiliation? WTF? How the hell can a whale even suffer humiliation? Do the seals and dolphins go around mocking him and snickering behind his back about the hat?

Wildlife officials say the display of the white belugas wearing Santa hats is both sad and ironic against the background of the Antarctic hunts, due to start in the region after Christmas.

Do you even understand what 'ironic' means you horse's ass? How the fuck can it be 'ironic' that the whales are wearing fucking Santa hats? Are whales really Jews or Muslims or something because that's about the only way I can see the hat thing as being ironic.

"Sadly, the aquarium owners seem to be showing as little respect for whales as their Government."

WTF? How in the world does putting a santa hat on a whale either show or fail to show respect? Is a pet owner that puts a sweater on their dog failing to show respect for it? How incredible assinine and ignorant can you get?

Frankly, looking at the pictures of the whales, the only thing I'm really interested in is how they get the hats to stay on. Somehow, I just can't see elastic bands or glue working out all that well. I wonder if they've tried a staple gun yet.
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