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I was watching the History Channel downstairs and they had one one of the near endless string of programs about dog fights and and fighter jets. This got me thinking a bit. In an idea world, I think that if I could pick any career I would want to pilot a star fighter. If star fighters aren't avaliable, then a F-15 would be pretty spiffy or any modern fighter jet really. Of course, I'm not sure that there's enough give in quantum where there might exist any such universe. After all, you don't usually see fatasses zipping around in planes or spaceships. The last such was probably Porkins and we all know how he ended up. It also wouldn't be the best idea to give me a machine with missiles, bombs, or, if I were lucky, laser beams and quantum torpedos. After all, I have almost a pathological ability to hold a grudge and a slightly suicidal bent. I'd probably be kamikazi'ing someone before the first day was out.

Still, assuming that there were some slipup and I was allowed to sneak past, I can't get over the idea that it would be glorious to zip around in a fighter jet, sending out jets of hot plasma death into the bodies and vehicles of my enemies. It's also sort of appealing that if you're going to get into a dog-fight, chances are you're either going to waste the bastard and win, or go out with a bang. Across the palate of my mind are the sweeps and turns of contrails, forming a beautiful strategic symmetry.

Well, that settles it. I'm asking for a star fighter for christmas.
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