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One of the funny new gimmicks we always see with news nowadays is that whenever something goes wrong, it won't be long before someone pops up a screen capture of a myspace page to add color to the story. This usually goes with things like school shootings but has lately expanded out to just about any story of interest. There was that recent heist where a couple of Wiccan morons decided to steal 7.4 million dollars but the moron girlfriend left tracable receipts in the abandoned getaway car. Almost immediately we had quotes and pictures from their myspace pages plastered about like it was Bonnie and Clyde.

Well, the recent Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy fiasco has also had a myspace moment. A few people snagged shots of what was supposedly the father's myspace page and it was picked up by the media. In it, he claims that they were splitsvile, an assertion that is now going through multiple permutations of he said, she said. Of course, since she claims she had no boyfriend at the time she got knocked up, it should be a fun game of ennie meenie penis to find the sperm donor responsible.

It also turns out that maybe this pregnancy might not be motivated by stupidity as much as greed. The announcement has only just gone around with the mom still feigning shock when we all find out that there's already a deal in place to cash in.

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly signed a $1 million magazine deal for exclusive pictures of her newborn baby.

The 16-year-old younger sister of singer Britney, who is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge, has agreed to pose with the baby in a photo shoot for America's OK! magazine.

What a monumentally fucked up family.
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