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Killer Breakfast: The Movie

I've been sitting on this for a while for no particular reason. I always meant to make an entry about it but it always slipped my mind and I never got around to it. Now a month later, it's probably old news and anyone who really cared has no doubt found their way to it on their own. It all started when Tracy Hickman dropped me an email out of the blue.

Dear Henry;

I don’t recall having the chance to thank you for your fantastic performance at this last year’s Killer Breakfast. It was an amazing year and, as you so often do, you provided us with a stellar highlight of the experience. Laura and I still retain our prized ‘Voodoo Tracy’ and show it often to anyone who visits. You’ll even note its prominence on our new website...

Which is part of why I am writing: I am producing last year’s Killer Breakfast as a video podcast. We are splitting it up into five-to-ten minute manageable segments and will be releasing a segment or two each month. We have NOT yet announced this to the public ... I am giving you an advanced look ... but will be doing so within the next few weeks. I have the initial three episodes up and running now ... which I am happy to say includes part of your appearance.

You can find the site at If you have a iTunes or another RSS aggregator that supports quicktime m4v files, you can subscribe to the feed at OR you can visit the website, go to the Episode Log and download and view each episode separately there.

Thank you, again, for making this last Gencon the best ever. Both Laura and I are grateful to you for your imagination, your efforts and your determination.

Tracy Hickman

How's that for pretty damn spiffy? It always seems a bit surreal whenever I get an email from him. It's not like I often converse with famous people, much less receive compliments from them.

If you pop over to the website and click on episode log, you'll see that quite a few of the videos have already been posted up. Both of latest ones contain snippets of my particular schtick and I'm sure the rest will be added as time goes along. At the bottom of the page you can see a picture of Tracy and Laura with Voodoo Tracy. I'm told that he's fit into the family quite well and seems to be happy in his new surroundings.

For the time being, I'm going to resist the urge to post the videos here or do something monumentally stupid like upload them to youtube or something like that. Hell, I wonder if they're already up there. Anyway, if any of you has ever wondered what Killer Breakfast is like and why I'm always rambling about it, check the site out. I also suggest you start from the beginning rather than skipping right to my part. It helps to set the stage if you watch the safety video and everything.
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