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A one, a two, a one two three four.....

I'm still up, having gotten zilch sleep last night. I was having pain issues and despite exhaustion, just couldn't manage to doze off. I finally just ended up popping another double dose a hour or so ago and I'm finally starting to feel a bit mellow. I'll probably end up zonking out at some point, but I figured I'd do a quick recap of Christmas.

It actually wasn't much of a holiday around here. Christmas has declined in importance in my family until it's pretty much no different than any other day. No family get togethers, no planned meals, no gifts. Hell, we might as well be Jews at this point. Well, I guess that's not exactly the case. At least the Jews go out for chinese food and a movie.

So my christmas day would have been pretty much like any other if it weren't for being invited up to Matt and Joyce's new place. They invited the regular crowd of people and quite a few of us showed up. Bill S, Lori and her husband, George, Dave and Heather. I guess maybe we're all sort of latchkey children when it comes to this holiday. Until I had heard the headcount from Joyce, I had assumed that most people would have been spending the day with their families.

It was a pot luck affair and I ended up bringing enough fried rice to feed a hobo army. I think some wires must've been crossed when I requested a portion large enough to serve as a side dish for 10 people or so. What I ended up carting there was enough to gorge 10 starving people with enough left over for the day after. I figure that unless Matt and Joyce can find starving homeless people nearby, they're either going to be heartily sick of fried rice or have to end up tossing most of it. Overall dinner was nice though I ended up insulting Joyce's Mom's Red Velvet cake. I had never run into anything like that before and it was just incredibly weird in texture. I commented that it had it consistancy and texture of play-doh. Matt then helpfully pointed out that Joyce's mom (who was sitting right nearby) had made it. I'm more than willing to take their word that it's supposed to look and taste like that, but it just didn't seem quite normal to me.

After dinner we spent most of the time playing Rock Band. Shelley had bought an extra copy of it from Costco and had wanted me to sell it on eBay. Looking at the size of the box and the recent headaches I had had with the Wii's, I decided to offer it up to Matt first. I thought he had an xbox 360 already and that he might be interested. Turns out he did want the game and was willing to go out and get an xbox just to be able to play it. Joyce ended up buying it as part of his christmas present and we all reaped some of the benefits last night. It's a lot of fun, allowing three people to play at once, with capacity for a 4th once you get another guitar. The only downside as far as I was concerned was my complete lack of rythmn and the obscurity of most of the songs from my point of view. I recognized very few of them, not being a big rock fan and even those I did recall, it's not like I knew them well enough to feel comfortable singing them. The only thing I tried were the drums which I could only manage on the easiest setting and even then with mixed results. I've never been very good at any of those games that require timing and dexterity. Meanwhile, Matt was hitting that guitar like someone in the throes of an epileptic seizure. I can't comprehend how someone can follow that huge jumble of notes streaming across the screen.

Dave, Heather and I ended up being the last to leave, treking out sometime after midnight. The drive back was uneventful and it was a lucky thing that the rain held off. My windshield wipers aren't working at all right now. They ended up somehow slipping off the motor which mean sthat they need to be opened up and reattached somehow. I tried driving without wipers a week ago during a mixed rain/snow and ended up almost wrecking myself.

I've been up ever since getting home and it's only now that I'm starting to feel painfree and normal again. I should probably just go to bed but I'm thinking about whether it's worthwhile to head on over to the BoardgameNJ meetup. Lori scheduled a gameday for today and it might be nice to pop over just to chitchat. Of course, knowing my luck, I'll start to feel crappy again just as I manage to haul my ass over there.
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