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Live Journal vs Sissyfight

So I just got a PM from someone...well, I actually recevied it a while back but only just got around to answering it. It went like this:

I didn't want to spoil their indignance for them - but I'm just wondering if an onslaught of newbies has caused the gullible-baiting I've seen, or if you always do this and I just haven't seen them. Just today I saw the "when in doubt...what would an Asian do" thread, and this tattoo one.

I thought about it a bit and drafted the following response:

Sometimes you just hit a hot streak. Part of it is because I spend quite a bit of my time livejournaling now so I'm not here as often. So I don't get involved in the in depth back and forth as much. Instead, I tend to just toss off the small tidbits that I think will be amusing in one way or another.

I thought about it a bit more and it's really interesting what you do get involved in or not based on how much time you spend. I haven't been in one of those car wreck flame war threads in quite a while, with a small tussle with connie in study hall. If you don't spend as much time there you simply don't get entangled as much because you're never there at the flash point of the arguement. It's easier to just shrug and go 'eh' and move on when the battle's already raging and has been for 30 or so posts. Still, there are downsides. LJ isn't nearly as exciting and you just don't get the thrill of crushing people until they scream for their mommies. Oh well....into each life some rain must fall.

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