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And then there's the goat

I'm sure the fox hunt has started already. The cubs tanked it in the end and the new goat is likely fleeing for the hills. The funny part is that he has a safe haven in florida. Last I heard, Jeb Bush offered him sanctuary there and a hotel chain offered him an all expense paid trip/stay there for 3 months. He might just want to take them up on it seeing as cubs fans are the vindictive type and they're likely to be an angry mob looking for him. In fact, I would suggest the chicago PD place a guard aroudn the Shed Aquarium while they're at it. You never know if some drunken cubs fans will decide to take it out on the marine life. The good thing about this loss is at least there will be no drunken riot. I freaking hate watching sports riots on tv. Yah! Yeah! My team won!! Now watch me light fires, turn cars upside down, and throw bottles! WOOWOO! Schmucks. I think we should pass a law that makes it legal for the police to strafe the crowd with a machine gun in situations like that. The same goes for people who decide to flee from the police in high speed chases. There should be belt-fed machine guns mounted on the side of police cars to send thousands of 4 inch long slugs into the driverside door until nothing there is living. Even better is if you could mount some kinda giant raygun on the bottom of police helecopters so you could cook them like an egg in a microwave.

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