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Stargate SG1: The Ark of Truth

The movie was pretty disapointing really. There were some incredibly blatant plot holes and about half the story was dues ex machina. I know that all adventure/action/sci-fi stories have a hint of that, but it got pretty ridiculous after a while. How many times can you be saved just in the nick of time by the proverbial Hand of God in one form or another? By my count, around a dozen apparently. The real problem is that a lot of the fixes and solutions seemed incredibly unbelievable. It's one thing if dues ex machina is set up right, but most of the ones in the Ark of Truth just seem to come out of left field.


  • One of the things that drove me crazy watching this is the fact that the replicator self-destruct code was 'on the other side of the control crystal'. WTF?!? You mean to tell me that they put the biggest and most advanced super computer in the world, one that can create matter and energy interchangably and has the entire Asgard knowledge base in it and it dosen't know to turn the casette over to side B? Even if the super computer were that ridiculously stupid, how in the world could Carter have missed it? It's like searching for a critical piece of information in a book but only reading up to the halfway point and then assuming it dosen't exist. WTF?

  • Why the fuck did Adria not just blow up the Ark? Hell, she didn't have to blow it up even, she could have simply moved it elsewhere. She's an all-power omnipotent being. I can't believe that she couldn't have simply zipped the item off to some safehold somewhere. Even assuming that she couldn't take the time to move the tremendously powerful ancient artifact designed to destroy her, you'd think she'd at least put some fucking guards in the room around it. Why in the world would she just allow the prisoners to walk around willynilly tinkering with the damn thing? How could it not occur to her that just by button-mashing one of them might figure out how to turn the god damn thing on?

  • The IOA storyline was completely unbelievable. Not in the planning, but in some of the execution. It's not a horrible idea if you think about it to set one horrible evil against another and hope they wipe each other out. It's another thing entirely to believe that what's his face wouldn't reveal the critical code information when the damn thing escaped and started tearing up systems. After all, the replicators wouldn't get over to the other ships if the Odessey were simply destroyed. At that point, any rational person would simply call game over and declair a plot mulligan.

  • I hate replicators. I find them least appealing out of all the super villians that have cropped up in the stargate universe. They became a little more interesting with the advent of the human-form replicators, at least they had a personality and some way to interact, but being attacked by hoards of little Erector sets gets boring after a while. Not to mention you can never figure out why they don't just punch little holes in the hull and vent all the atmosphere on the ship. Not even emergency bulkheads will save them if you make the ship look like swiss cheese. They can always patch up the holes later if it caused structural integrity problems.

  • How the hell did Adria ascend? All the Ori were dead. Before their death, they had no intention of ever helping any of the Priors or Adria to ascend and it's unlikely they planted some ascension seed in her when they created her. So how in the world did she do it? Barring generations of evolution and some weird-ass spiritual crap, it requires a hand up from another ascended being. It seems unlikely that any of the Ancients would have given her the help and all the Ori were croaksvile.

  • Tolin's surrendering was completely unbelievable. Priors have been killed before this after all. It's hard to imagine why seeing one get ganked would all of a sudden convince him to switch sides. God knows he's persevered through worse and been a cheerleader for Origin the entire time. You also never really figure out what the fuck was up with that first scene anyway. If it was a fake box to lure the prior in, why the hell was there all that initial banter as if they were really trying to open it? If they thought it actually had a chance to be the Ark, then what in the world was that scroll inside and why was there a stinking box sitting there in the first place?

  • Why didn't the other ascended Ancients pull Morgan's chain? We could argue they let it go through because they secretly wanted Adri and Origins to take a dirt nap, but that's been the case all along. Despite that, they've still pulled Morgan and other ascended beings up short whenever they try to help directly. I guess you could argue about whether the visions were really breaking the rules but healing Teal'c was a no brainer, over the line move.

  • It's sorta sad that Richard Dean Anderson didn't end up making a cameo of some sort, though I guess there wasn't really a very meaty part for him as it stood. It'd be hard to come up with a reason why he would be with the Odessey and Landry was already keeping the home fires burning. I am a little confused at why they didn't explain why Sam was there at all. She should still be off running Atlantis at the time this movie will be released. I guess they could backdate it in the plot line so that it actually happened before this season of Atlantis, but it just seems a little odd.

Overall, if this had simply been two normal season episodes, I would have been generally pleased with the results. I would have still grumbled a bit about the plot issues, but I was really hoping for something more from a full movie production. It would have been nice to get another peek at the whole ascended universe, much like what was there in Threads but elaborated. It would have been interesting to see how some of the Ancients try to justify their actions, or lack of action.
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