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“Well I think it's clear that I should never ever play rock band again. No matter what. Because this entire, I mean ever since the party, that had these songs running through my head, just over and over and over again. It's always the same freaking songs from rock band, Buddy Holly, Gill Theatre Rebirth and Roxanne. It's incredibly obnoxious and I can't seem to quite get rid of them. I mean I guess I should have known that it was a possibility anyway. I almost always get to hear where ___ you know start playing in your head. Most of them just end up being Christmas carols or kids songs or whatever. And now that's not a pleasant experience quite frankly I wanna keep going on and on. So it's almost New Year's. Haven't been a very good yr, but then again, well can't really expect a good yr. Not any more. You just kinda hope that each yr gets no worse than the previous yr. Otherwise that's the way I pretty much started looking at it. Oh well, Happy New Year to those of you who can find it.”

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