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So today was the day planned to go and redeem those "mystery" coupons from Houlihan's. In the end, it was the usual crowd of the Bills, Lori, Bernie, Karen, and myself. We had at least four of those coupons between us and I was dead set on trading mine in. I don't find Houlihan's all that appealing that I would want to make repeated trips just to trade in a coupon.

When I got there, everyone else had already been informed that the terms and conditions on the thing said only one could be used per table. My response to this was that we should all state we wanted to be seated at our own individual table so we could then each use one of the coupons. We could then yell conversations to one another and everything would be spiffy. When I suggested this perfect solution to the waiter, he said he would check on the idea and eventually sent the manager over. The manager didn't exactly strike down the idea but made some mention of how wouldn't we rather sit together and wouldn't that be better. Hmmmm....sit with everyone up to $10...sit with everyone...$10...fuck that, I chose $10. I got up and moved maybe 3 feet to a nearby booth. Unsurprisingly, no one else followed suit and they all decided to stay where they were. Pansies.

All in all, it's not like I was exiled to Siberia or something. The distance was close enough that I didn't even have to raise my voice to be heard or anything. Lori snapped a picture to document my cheap defiance and that was basically that. We spent a good chunk of time at the resturant just chatting about various things. The Bills are still thinking about making a trip to Amsterdam this summer, Lori's traveling to Florida to engage in debauchery, plans for Bill M's birthday at the resturant, and we made plans to go see Sweeny Todd in a couple of weeks. Almost everyone gone a free movie pass from Bernie and Karen for christmas and it'd be a good oppertunity to use them up. Besides, now that I have the soundtrack, thanks to Randy, I should go see the movie in order to better appreciate it.

I should have popped over to Brian's for a New Year's get together but he had called me the night before saying that it was canceled due to lack of interest. It seems that most people weren't up for the idea, no doubt spending the day recovering from their hangovers. Since there was notta else to do, I popped over to the Mall and burned up a coupon for Coldstone Creamery and I've now got dessert sitting in the freezer.
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