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Shit piled high

I've spent an amazingly long period of time attempting to clean my room today. I actually didn't get to bed until 10am this morning working on the task and then after I woke up, toiled again. It was fucking unbelievable. There were piles of dust that had grown so thick and been left to its own devices for so long that I think it was only a few weeks away from coalescing and achieving sentience. I've got so much crap piled into the closet that I can't get in through the door and the bookshelves are so over-crammed that I'm having to seriously worry about structural failure.

All in all, I'm just shocked that there's still so much clutter when I must've pulled out a pile of garbage weighing more than 50 pounds and the volume of a small elephant. I can at least see into some of the corners of the room now, though large swaths of surface area are still piled high with assorted crap. The simple fact is that I don't have enough shelving and storage space for the sheer amount of stuff I own. I seriously doubt I could put a dent into the mess remaining without another 2-3 bookshelves. There's only so many ways you can try to maximize space until the floor becomes the only alternative. Then it's like one of those Jenga-like games where you try to make the biggest pile of crap possible it falling over or crushing whatever's at the bottom.

Hell, I figure a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at one of my two bookshelves.

It might be kind of hard to tell from the perspective but that's paperbacks 3 rows deep.

26 books per row x at least 20 rows worth of books = 520 books on a shelf designed to hold a small fraction of that. If anything, it's even worse in the walkin closet with the games where there's a single shelf around head height and the boards are bending at a truly alarming angle already and the floor is stacked silly. I definitely need some expansion room.
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