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Party pictures

Alrighty, here are some of the pictures from the christmas party. I'll put it all behind a cut so it dosen't scroll out of control. Minorly annotated for your edification:

Here's a shot of the tree with Bill S waving from up top. Up on the stairs are a couple friends of his family. I don't recall their names at the moment. For some reason the only thing that's sticking is that their kid's name is Noah and they pray before every meal. Oh, and the little person thing of course, but I figured that'd be obvious.

Here's Banjo sitting above name of woman I can't remember.

Here's Banjo with maigrey.

Now, I do have a couple focused pictures of this, but I think the blurriness adds something. It's like one of those shots you might imagine someone displaying claiming to prove the existance of some mythical monster like Bigfoot.

Playing Rock Band downstairs with Randy and others. I can't believe I'm still suffering for that stint at the guitar. Buddy Holly was ringing through my head again just earlier today.

Yah, rock on.

maigrey looks completely wasted in this shot, which is probably why Joyce borrowed my camera to go take it.

Here's Steve and Christina.

Bill S's mom and Joyce's mom. Helping to raise the average age of the party.

Time for everyone to stand around for present distribution time. [Bad username: maigrey>, little person whose name I can&apos;t recall, Bill M, Christina, Steve, and Andrea. <img src=]
Here we have Christina, Steve, and Andrea again, with the addition of George, and Bob.

Bill M with his newly acquired Optimus Prime Mr Potato Head. I'm sure they gave it some sort of new name too like with Darth Tater. Maybe it's Spudimus Prime?

Bill M giving me his best 'Vanna White'.

Here's the present I got from Randy and Bob, whose note on top would have cued me in on what it was if I had actually happened to read it at any point.

Yay! Musicals.

Here's Lori with her little sequined purse. There was a mixup and it had first been erroneously distributed to Bill M who found it puzzling.

Joyce is opening up something or other.

Here's Bill M's expression at my suggestion that he jack-off the dildo-looking present.

Yay, he did it. Well, not that you can capture that on a still photo. You'll just have to take my word for it.
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