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Unintentional hilarity

I fucking hate Mark Geragos. He is a scumbag and leech of the first order. When people suggest that perhaps we should kill all the lawyers, he's the sort of person that I imagine most of us have in mind. Beyond simply being an egregious ambulance chaser, this asshole picks up high-profile cases and often makes the most fatuous claims and statements to the press. Most recently he's been involved in that case of the vegetable who died without a liver transplant and now the incident of the tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo. In the past he's defended such notables as Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, and Gary Condit. This guy's a real piece of work.

Anyway, I was reading an article on CNN where he was doing his usual song and dance about the tiger attack and I just had to smile. Here's the relevant portion:

The brothers tried to get help for Sousa after attempts to stop the tiger failed, attorney Mark Geragos said.

The animal first mauled Sousa and Paul Dhaliwal about 4:30 p.m., the attorney said, according to AP. While Sousa was seriously hurt, Paul Dhaliwal escaped, and he and his brother ran 300 yards to a zoo cafe where they had earlier eaten.

But the siblings were denied entry to the cafe because the zoo was closing, the AP reported. At that point the brothers lost sight of the tiger. The brothers then saw a female security guard who appeared "diffident" when she was informed of the escaped tiger, Geragos said, according to AP.

"Who knows what would have happened if the guard had acted earlier?" Geragos said. "But Carlos would have stood a better chance of not dying. And maybe the police would not have shot the tiger as well."

Hilarity. I love that they put it in quotes just to highlight the fact that Geragos is a moron. I can't quite figure out if he in fact meant to say 'indifferent' or he really thinks that diffidence is an improper response when customers chat with you about the fact there's a 250 lb tiger running around and maybe you should go and run over whacking it with your flashlight. What an asshole. I'd love to see him chucked into the tiger enclosure and lets see if he acts diffidently about the idea.
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