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$150 per voter. Unbelievable.

Well, it's now about 4 minutes until the first caucus starts and results will soon begin dribbling in. I figured it was a good time to jot something down about it while there's still some degree of mystery. Overall, what baffles me about this election cycle is that anyone is voting for Mitt Romney in the primaries. The guy scares the hell out of me on quite a few levels. I just don't understand why his numbers haven't plummeted. It may simply be that he's handing out bags of cash in return for people telling pollsters that they're going to support him. I have seldom seen a presidential canndidate that is so incredibly phony and lacking in conviction. Well, okay, maybe John Kerry but you have to admit that's a pretty high benchmark. I dunno what Mitt Romney really believes and I have no doubt that he would switch at the drop of a hat. Pro-abortion, Anti-abortion, Pro-gay marriage, Anti-gay marriage....what the hell does this guy believe in? People make a big deal out of the fact that his mormonism is a problem, but it means diddily squat to me and I hope to most people.

Really, when it comes down to it, I'm not really sure I care who wins in Iowa for the republicans. I think the best result might be a McCain surge since I figure he has the best chance at this point to take the dems to the cleaners during the generals. God knows most of the others are flawed enough that winning in november is going to be problematic. At least McCain's problems are with the conservatives and hopefully they'll fall in line when they see the prospect of another Clinton in the white house.

As for the dems, I'm hoping for three simultaneous fatal heart attacks. That might be the best election result of all.`
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