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Almost that time of year again

It's funny how the mind tends to play tricks on you when it comes to the passage of time. It feels like just a few months ago but it's almost nearly time for National Pancake Day again. Well, 'almost nearly' is probably not quite right since there's still a month and change. In fact, it's sort of weird that I would even find out about it now. God knows that I never remember dates other than the most fundamental ones. It actually takes me a moment of thought or two to puzzle out the birthdays of family members and to this day my accuracy is only 50-50 or so. I count on other to give me a sort of heads up as the time approaches.

The only reason I got reminded of National Pancake Day this time around is someone posted on some dealsite that IHOP is having an all you can eat pancake whozit. I had just recently been reminiscing to someone about Fox's infamous Glutton Bowl. Now there was some quality tv. Nothing but a whole slew of eating contests and people spewing vomit left and right. Of course, they didn't actually show you the money shot, but it's not too hard to guess what's happening when you see someone bend over, watch their body start to jerk, and just as they open their mouth the camera does a quick pan elsewhere. Hell, maybe they should do a Glutton Bowl 2 since the writers are out on strike. It can't cost much to produce something like that and it's not like it needs scripting. Just send out some intern to buy a couple hundred hotdogs, boiled eggs, and whatever else might be on sale down at the local quickie mart. Then you just recruit a few dozen fatasses and turn the cameras on. Nothing but fun, I tell ya.

In fact, I think we should organize a trip to IHOP and run our own glutton bowl. We will gorge and then perhaps decorate nearby patrons with projectile vomit. Wouldn't it be lover-ly? We just have to establish some ground rules and then find something to wager. Come on, who's in?
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