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Today has been computer day. I spent a huge chunk of it fiddling with it to very mixed results. It all started last night when I ran across a posting that audible was offering one free audiobook if you signed up for a free trial. What I didn't take into consideration is the fact that in order to keep people from pirating their crap, there are an incredible number of hoops to jump through. First and foremost, they have their own propriatory file extension which can only be played through a program you have to download from them. The files should also be uploadable to MP3 players, but I ran into repeated issues with my Creative Zen Xtra. I spent forever changing firmware and drivers and all sorts of other crap, at one point almost disabling the device permanantly and having to connect it to the downstairs computer to get it repaired. In the end, it was still all for naught. I just can't get the damn thing to recognize the player and port the file over. It did however offer me the option to burn the file to 9 audio cd's. Better than nothing right? Oh, did I forget to mention that during my spring cleaning of a couple of days ago I threw out an entire case of sealed and new cd-r's thinking I'd never have a use for them? I now have zilch left. I have no clue what to do about the whole thing now, but I'm thinking of just throwing in the towel and calling audible to bitch and cancel the free trial.

After the rigamarole with mp3 player, I decided to try to burn some dvd's to clear and backup my harddrive. Even after restarting the computer and stopping every single program I could find, I still burned a coaster for every dvd-r that survived. It also took around 20 minutes a go, regardless of whether it worked or not. I have no clue why it does this but my guess is that it's a lack of ram issue. It can't help that my dvd writer is an ancient piece of shit either.

To address the ram issue, I decided to actually open up the computer and take a look at the innerds to see what sort of ram slots I had avaliable. You would not believe the size of the dust balls all around the computer. All the air intake holes in the back were covered up with crap and the inside had a truly remarkable coating. I looked around but couldn't find anything even close to a can of compressed air. At that point, I came up with the pisspoor idea of just taking a deep breath, closing my eyes and blowing as hard as I could repeatedly into the case. I think I might now be dying of a severe case of coal miner's lung. Not that I could see with my eyes tightly shut, but I imagine the mushroom cloud of dust must've reached the ceiling based on the extended coughing fit I went through after taking a breath. My nose ran constantly for half a hour afterwards. All in all, it was mission accomplished though. I got the info I needed and with some help from Randy was able to identify the type of ram I should buy. After dropping $110 on newegg, I have 2 gigs of ram coming my way and I'm hoping that it fixes some of the issues I've had. If nothing else, I'm hoping it allows me to burn dvd-r's without making endless numbers of coasters.
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