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Who's an anime freak?

Alright, I need an anime or manga freak to step forward. One of you people who learned japanese just so you can read comics and watch cartoons without the need for subtitles or dubbing. I know there must be someone out there who qualifies and you have a chance to be useful.

I went and ordered a screen protector for my PSP from overseas and it arrived today. I just opened it up and there are no English directions. I have no idea what to do with the thing and I'm afraid to just go with trial and error. The images seem a little ambiguous to me. Are there actually 3 layers to this whozit? There are surely sticky surfaces involved and I'm sure that it'll fuck up if you muck with it overly much. So I'm hoping that one of you out there can take a look at some photos of the instructions and translate for me.

So someone cough it up. What am I supposed to do? Note: Practical jokes in translation will not be appreciated or considered humorous. I do not have to go and order another one of these if I can help it.
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