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I've watched more tv in the past 48 hours than I've seen in half a year or more. The reason? I finally got the cable hooked up to my room. It's been almost three fucking years and I've only just gotten around to it. In the end, it wasn't even my initiative. A family member went and dug out a splitter for the cable wire and it was pretty simple after that.

I haven't really missed tv during my vacation from it. You just fall out of the groove after a bit. You never start to watch the new shows each season and so you never develop a schedule or attachment to what's going on. When you hear people going on and on about Lost or Heroes, you just flash them a look of incomprehension and wait for the subject to change. About the only shows I've followed religiously over the past few years is Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, and I grab episodes off of bittorrent for that. I can watch them at my own pace, pausing in the middle, and whenever I want.

All that being said, now that the tv is hooked up, I've had it on non-stop. It ends up serving the same purpose as audiobooks. Something to run in the background that I can listen to whenever something interesting pops up and when it's not interesting, just have it drone. Right now I have Comedy Central on and they're playing one of Chris Rock's stand up specials. Spiffy.
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