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Fringe benefits

Yay! One of the side-advantages of flipping those Wii's on ebay just arrived today. Since I used the Amazon Visa to make the purchased, I accumilated a hell of a lot of points redeamable for gift certificates. All in all, I've picked up $50 with some points left over to boot. Not a bad bonus considering how often I make purchases from amazon.

In a similar vein, I was over browsing The Consumerist site and ran across a blog which tracked the Wii prices on eBay over the past couple of months. The methodology is a wee bit suspect since he didn't seperate out bundles from just the consoles, but it does give you a short of idea about the fluxuations.

I might not be completely happy about how I made out, but a profit is a profit, right? I never did get around to tallying it all up but it wasn't insignificant.

It looks like my joy over the Senseo might have been a bit pre-mature. I was so happy that someone, anyone, bid on the thing so I could get it out of my room. If no one wanted it, I would have been more than satisfied just to chuck it out a window. So when it finally sold for a little over $15 (with $20 shipping) it was happy days. Right up to the point where the person hasn't payed for two days now and a search through their bidding history shows they won two senseos in the past few days. Feh. The moron probably overbid and is now trying to weasel out of paying. I keep sending invoices but there's been no response. It looks like I'm never going to get this piece of crap out of here.
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