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New Hampshire: No darkies please

I'm repeatedly amazed at how stupidly gulliable reporters continue to be about exit polls. They're full of shit, you gibbering morons. I don't care how much you paid for them or how big an industry churns them out. They're not worth crap. How many times do they have to be wrong before you realize this? When the New Hampshire primary closed, the exit polls were predicting a 5 point Obama win. About the only positive thing you can say for that is that the Obama and Clinton in-house polls were even worse. Obama's internals showed him winning by 14 and Clinton's showed him winning by 11. You know why he lost? Because there's a hidden NO NIGGERS vote. It almost makes my skin crawl to say that because I'm sure Al Sharpton or some other race-baiting jackass will be saying exactly the same thing tommorrow. Agreeing with one of those fuckers is like driving an ice pick coated in salt and lemon juice through my eye.

People always want to maintain a good opinion of themselves. That means that what they tell you about who they voted for and who they actually did, sometimes don't match. Oh look how progressive I am. I told the pollster I'm going to vote for the black guy. Get into the damn booth though and it can be a completely different story. Some individuals also don't trust pollsters and will avoid them like the plague. I just can't believe that no one took any of this into consideration beforehand.

Feh. Overall, I'm sort of torn about the whole thing. I think I can deal with an Obama presidency as long as he holds to what he's been claiming in stump speeches. It might be nice to actually get some more bipartisanship going for a while and a little less acrimony. Of course, I also think that Hillary is far more likely to be beaten in novemember, so maybe it'd be better for her to win the nomination. Feh. I guess I should just be happy that there's never going to be any chance Edwards will be elected.
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