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Back in buisness

Well, my computer's back and working. My cousin managed to do something completely incomprehensible to me and now it's all fine. It recognizes the new Ram and now I have 5x the memory I used to. I haven't noticed any real benefits to that yet though it's nice to finally see my memory usage monitor in the green instead of starting off in the red. I am sad to say that the new memory dosen't seem to have done a thing when it comes to fixing my dvd-burning problem. I'm still churning out one coaster after another. I can only come to the conclusion that the drive is borked and is the source of the problem. The idea of getting a replacement and popping into the case dosen't exactly sound appealing. It feels like I'd just be tempting fate again.

Alrighty. I pulled the trigger. I just dropped $35 on a new DVD burner. It should get here in a couple of days and then I'll have to face installing it. 2 gets you 1 that something dies in a the process and I bork my computer again.
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