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Death from above

Iron Eagle is on A&E and I'm absolutely ecstatic. I absolutely love this movie. I feel like it's tattooed into my bones at some pavlovian level. Some songs on the soundtrack immediately gets my blood pumping and I feel this near uncontrollable urge to drop bombs on camels and dirka-dirkas. To this day, whenever I hear one of them on the radio while in the car, I instinctively speed up and start weaving in and out of traffic pretending I'm on some sort of bombing run. If there were cannons or lasers mounted on my car, there would be twisted heaps of burning metal all over the parkway or turnpike.

Specificly, the songs that get me going each time are:

Adrenalin - Road of the Gypsy
Queen - One Vision
King Cobra - Iron Eagle
Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
Eric Martin - Eyes of the World
Rainey Haynes - Old Enough to Rock and Roll

I just really wish I could zip around in a fighter jet dropping hot flaming death. In preparation for that oppertunity, I think I should nip a copy of the soundtrack just in case. It would be pretty frakking awful if all of a sudden I got the oppertunity to fly a fighter jet or some such and didn't have the right music to go along with it. After searching around a bit, I found the Iron Eagle soundtrack avaliable at a lot of different places but it turns out it's not complete. There are at least three pivotal songs missing, the last three on the list. Twisted Sister is easy enough to find and so was Eric Martin after a bit of searching, but the only place to get Rainey Haynes's contribution is her personal website where she's selling the cd for $15. Is it worth paying $15 for a single song for nostalgia purposes? Ecspecially knowing that I don't listen to music much at all and would probably only listen to it a dozen times or so at best.

Poll #1120938 Iron Eagle

Should I buy the CD just for one song?

Yes, it's worth it and wouldn't you feel stupid if you got a fighter jet and didn't have the song.
Yes, think of it as a charitable donation since she's probably a starving musician
No, it's not worth $15
No, it's something you know you would never really listen to anyway

If 'Other', please elaborate:

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