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The glass is half full

Sometimes you get the bear
Sometimes the bear gets you
And then there are a few times when you mutually maul one another and both end up bleeding to death in the woods.

If I were to fit this dvd-r installation into one of those three categories, it would be the third. On the plus side, my computer is still working despite my fiddling with its guts. Yay! On the downside, I do not have a working dvd-r installed into my computer. Boo!

I'd never really taken a good look at the enclosures inside my computer, figuring that I would burn that bridge when I came across it. It was thus, with some amount of surprise, that I realized it's pretty much impossible to get crap in and out of the case in the amount of space provided. There were screws actually under parts of the case itself with maybe a quarter inch of clearance. I went at it with a pair of needle-nose pliers from the side for around 10 minutes before I realized that all of my effort hadn't caused it to so much as budge a quarter rotation. So instead of trying to remove the old drive and place the new one in its place, I simply tried to get the new one into another slot. I can only assume that the morons who design computers believe that each person will have their own matter transporter so they can beam components in and out as needed. There is absolutely no frakking way to get anything in there from the back. Even after unscrewing and removing just about anything that looked like it could be moved, it was a no-go. Trying from the front didn't work out any better since it turns out that the dvd-r they sent me is wider than the hole in the front of the case. GAH. I spent a good chunk of time trying to bend and twist plastic to ram it in there to no avail.

For the moment, I decided to put aside the whole issue of getting it into the computer and just make sure it worked. I couldn't get the computer to recognize the drive at first but realized that was because the thing had been set to Slave as default. A jumper switch and it seems to be working just fine. I even test-burned a dvd with absolutely no problems. It turns out that all those coaster issues were due to the drive and not ram after all. The problem I'm facing now is I can only use the drive if I have my computer lying on its side with all of its guts exposed. That's not going to be a good idea in the long term.
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