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Burn 16 discs and a whattya get?

Over the past day, I've been burning dvd's as fast as I can prep the files. After all, it's not exactly a workable longterm solution to leave the computer on its side with its guts out. At some point I'm going to have to unhook the new drive and put things back to rights. While I have the oppertunity, I'm going to back up as much data as I possibly can and clear some space off the harddrive.

As for everything else, I'm still having pretty severe sleep issues. My sleep-wake cycle is completely screwed up at the moment. I only manage to sleep when I'm completely exhausted and end up sleeping like someone in a coma. The only problem is I wake up feeling like I've been washed down a river full of large rocks and generally unrested. It's like moving through an endless twilight of exhaustion. Not a pleasant experience overall and not one I would recommend.
Tags: computers, insomnia

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