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I've meant to mention for a few days now that I got kat15lee's gift exchange item in the mail and it's pretty damn spiffy. I just haven't managed to snap pictures of it up until now. I have more than a small dash of laziness and procrastination in my nature to begin with but I find that pain issues only exacerbate it. It becomes very easy to put things off when you know that there'll be some cost payed in discomfort. Not that this was a chore or anything, but it's easy to put aside. Anyway, here's what I got:

It's a t-shirt with a red chinese dragon on the front. It's actually spiffy for multiple reasons.

It'll make for something nice to wear this year for the New Year. Last year, I ended up skipping the family celebration and actually ditched one of my friends (Randy) at the event. He actually mentioned it on the phone yesterday, asking if there would be another celebration this year and if I would actually grace it with my presence. I told him that even if I'm a no-show, he's always welcome to attend from now on. On one level, I like the idea that there will always be a surrogate for me at need. Maybe he can stand in for thanksgiving this year too.
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