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Finish him!

Alright, so sue me. I didn't end up going to bed. I decided to drop off a couple more comments, responding to someone's suggestion that Karate Kid III might be one of the worst movies of all time. I couldn't let that sort of thing lie, could I? I mean, it's like claiming that Scott Bakula was the worst Star Trek captain of all time with Kate Mulgrew as Janeway staring you right in the face. Say what you will about the Karate Kid movies, but Hillary Swank shoved a stake through the heart of that franchise. I'd rather see a geriatric and decrepit Ralph Macchio learning karate from his ventilator than freaking Hillary Swank.

All of this got me to thinking that I haven't seen any of the karate kid movies in ages. I used to love them as a kid, ecspecially the first. I mean, what's not to love? Think about all the wonderful quotes that came out of that movie. Everything from Wax on, Wax off to Sweep the leg. It was the classic 80's flick. Our protagonist faces a problem, a mysterious stranger appears in his life to help him out, cue extensive training montage, and then he kicks the living crap out of the opposition and wins the competition and the girl all in one go. I think all of us wanted to be the Karate Kid at one point in our lives. And trust me, I wouldn't be using it just for defense either. There'd be a whole heaping load of people who'd be getting crane kicks upside their head.

It's too bad that there aren't any movie marathons nowadays. Back when I was younger, there would always be friends you could gather together to watch every single lethal weapon, or Die hard, or karate kid movie, all in one go. It just seems that no one has the time nowadays nor the inclination. Randy has invited all of us up to his place this saturday to watch his blu-ray special edition whozit of Blade Runner. Surprisingly, I've never actually seen Blade Runner all the way through. I've caught bits and pieces but despite having a lot of the geek background in other areas, I've never really followed up on the various films. I wonder if I could turn the event into a karate kid marathon instead. Maybe if someone just happens to misplace the blade runner disk and all that's left is a karate kid boxset. Hmmmm....
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