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I have the power!

Well, it looks like flipping all those Wii's ended up pushing my ebay sales to a point where they just made me a powerseller. When I first saw the email inviting me to join, I thought for sure it was just phishing spam that gmail failed to weed out. God knows that I had gotten tons of fake emails purporting to offer the exact same thing before. Frankly, I don't see exactly what the big deal is. I get that little icon-whozit next to my userid but there dosen't seem to be much else to it. Besides, it's not like I'm going to have it long enough for it to really matter. Even at the lowest level of this thing you have to sell over $1,000 worth of crap a month, and there's no way I'm going to get close to that again. So soon I'll again join the ranks of the schlubs, occassionally pawning off crap I no longer need to people who value crap. I'm always amazed there are people who make a career out of ebay. It just seems like it'd be an endless pile of irritation. Everything from finding packing materials to dealing with what goes where. I guess it's not that bad if you're systematic and organized about it, but dealing with those Wii's was a monumental pain in the ass at times.
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