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The stuff of Nightmares

Thanks to kat15lee, I can almost guarentee I'm going to have some really disturbing dreams the next time I fall asleep. If I'm lucky, I'll simply wake screaming a few times and then forever block it out from my memory. What has she done? Well, she linked to the Face Trasformer in her journal and I, being curious, went to take a look at it.

The basic idea is that they will take a photo of you and allow you to change it as to race or age or a variety of other options. It's just an extension of the same image tech that allows the cops to digitally age photos to see what kidnapped children might look like nowadays or allow them to use various options to show what a criminal suspect might look like bald or in black face or whatever. This obviously isn't as advanced and because of that, will leave scars on my psyche until forgetfulness brings relief. The first picture I tried to plug into the transformer wasn't a full frontal shot and I think that might have caused the program to spazz a bit. I won't show you the results because they were quite terrifying. I tried a second picture and the results were a little less disturbing.

Here was the photo that I submitted. It's a cropped shot of last year's gencon when I got my picture taken with Feedback outside of True Dungeon.

So here I am as a member of the master race. This is probably the best picture of the batch. In it, you could almost believe it were just a shot of a normal person, as long as you don't look too closely at it. It also does make me look pretty anglo.

This is just fucked up. It looks like I had my head dipped in chocolate. If I was ever curious what I would look like in black face, this has answered all questions.

Believe it or not, this one is supposed to be the 'female' me. Eh. It looks almost identical to the original picture at first glace, which brings up disturbing questions all its own.

Me as a 'child'. Again, something that will probably cause nightmares at some point.

Me 'old'. This one isn't bad either. At least it looks like a human being.

Now, this option baffled the hell out of me. This is what I'm supposed to look like 'drunk'. WTF? I wasn't aware that all people tended to make the same sort of drunk face or that there are facial features common to all drunks. Based on my picture, I can only conclude that drinking large amounts of alcohol causes your head to turn to putty and that your head becomes narrow at the top and tends to pool at the bottom.

And lastly, here's me as an anime character. Hell, it looks a lot more female than the female picture. I am sort of curious why there's a chunk missing out of the side of my head.

Anyway, give it a shot on your own if you want. I'm not responsible for any nightmares you may experience as a result.
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