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I'll do anything for $50

I was browsing a video game forum last night and ran across a special offer at Ford dealerships. If you test-drive a Ford Focus with some special alphabet soup after its name, they'll give you a $50 gift card to Best Buy. It sounds like a pretty spiffy idea to me. I've actually never been in a car dealership before on my own and it's not like I'm in any danger of running into a hard sell and coming home with a fleet of cars I can't afford. I figure the worst possible thing that could happen is I end up having to listen to some guy's spiel for an extended period.

I made some mention of my intention to cash in on this to my mom in passing and she was appalled at the idea. She found the entire idea to be shameful and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I must be short on cash or something and tried to foist money off on me. I just thought that it's pretty interesting what she considers verbotten. From her perspective, if you don't have any intention of buying the car, you shouldn't be test driving it or picking up their promo offer. I'm sure she's just the kind of person companies love when they dream up promotions like this since she'd only take part if she were interested. For $50, I'm more than willing to feign interest.
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