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Bubba strikes first

I dunno why, but it always surprises me whenever I'm reminded at just how white trash Bill Clinton is. It's easy to forget sometimes because he can seem so congenial and charming when he wants to be. What people often forget is that the veneer is thin and there's nothing soft about the guy. It's to my eternal shame that I was one of those people who believed his whole finger-wagging, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman' speech. I just couldn't believe that someone could lie so brazenly with what seemed like righteous indignation.

Lately, old billy boy has been running his mouth and going around beating up on Obama. It's almost completely unprecedented for a former president to wade into the partisan muck. Most people expect some degree of self-control and poise. It's apparently gotten bad enough that even other democrats are trying to pull his leash. I just find it incredibly hypocritical that Bill, according to some the first black president, is going around firing all cylinders trying to bury the first black man with a shot at the nation's highest office. It'd be different if Obama were a slimeball or waging a dirty campaign, but so far he's stayed more above-board than any candidate in either party. To watch a former president trying to smear a guy who hasn't engaged in any muck raking of his own is just appalling.
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