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Not bloody likely

So I got a call from Chase today, the backers of my Amazon Visa card, about possible suspicious activity. I figured that it would just be a false alarm and I had received such automated warnings before, though usually from other credit cards. The only thing I had purchased recently was Dragon Quest Joker for the Nintendo DS and I though it odd that a $25 charge might set off alarms when I had received diddily about all those Wii's and whatnot I purchased a while back.

Anyway, I made the call back and jumped through all the security hoops and was asked when I had last used my card. I responded just a few days ago for $25. So I didn't make a purchase from Too Brands for $4,823.21? WTF? I was baffled at the time and on a crappy cell connection to boot so I wasn't too clear on what the charge was for, other than emphaticly stating I had made no such purchase. Out of curiosity, I called back later just to check and an internet search confirmed that 'Too Brands' is some company for baby and teen apparel. According to my google search:

Too Brands, a specialty retailer for young girl’s apparel operating two specialty retailing concepts under ‘Limited Too’ and ‘Justice’ brand names throughout the United States.

Ya, if I was going to blow almost $5,000 on a spending binge, it would not be here. Just looking at the website makes me want to projectile vomit.

What really annoys me about this is I almost never use this credit card unless it's for Amazon purchases. I assume if Amazon had a security breach it would be big news and I would have heard of something by now. The only other place I've used the card is a site called Ya, not exactly a name to inspire confidence exactly. It seems to use the yahoo store system for billing though and you would think that would be pretty secure.

Oh well. All's well that ends well, I guess. I'll have to call Amazon so they can fiddle with the billing information for the order I placed but it dosen't seem like there will be any real reprocussions. I should get a new card in a week or so.
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