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I feel like hell warmed over

Things are still incredibly crappy on the pain front and appears to be getting worse. That said, I'm having less sleep issues over the past few days and I actually ventured out yesterday to get a few things done. It was that time of year for Dreamation, but I had decided quite a while back that I was going to skip it and take a break. I've mentioned it before but I just don't get all that much enjoyment out of gaming anymore. It just seems that there are all sorts of issues and it's more negative than positive nowadays.

Anyway, I decided to stop over at the con in order to pick up a copy of Falling that June had graciously offered me ages back. Falling is a unique sort of game in that it's played in real time. A dealer stands in the center (preferably) of a bunch of players and deals cards from the deck onto each person's card pile. Depending on what card a player plays, the dealer's action changes. For instance, you could play a card on you or others that would have the dealer play a second card, create a second pile, or skip a pile. As the dealer rotates, you have to play cards and react to cards played on you. The mechanics may sound interesting but it's the theme that's best. The idea is that you're all falling to your deaths and you're trying to be the last person to hit the ground. Eventually, everyone hits the ground (though some people believe Jesus bounced), but your goal is to survive the longest. Sounds like a metaphor for life, dosen't it?

So I popped over to pick up the game and stayed for a bit exchanging chit-chat with people. I don't get a chance to see some of the people there other than at the DE cons so it's always an interesting time. After yakking it up for a few hours, I gave Lori a lift home and that was about it. About the only other thing I did was stop by Gamestop and pick up a few more PSP games. There was a Buy 2 Get 1 coupon that expires soon I wanted to use up. I ended up snagging one of the Capcom collections, the Metal Slug anthology, and Lord of the Rings tactics.
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