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Laptop sprawl

I'm not online all that often of late. I just can't sit at the computer for long periods and it had me thinking again about maybe buying a laptop. The only problem is I'm sure to suffer buyer's remorse the minute I pick one up. It seems sort of ridiculous to get a laptop for the sole reason of using it to make LJ entries and follow a few forums, right? It might just be best to twiddle my thumbs and wait until someone I know wants to upgrade their laptop and pick up their old one. It's not like it has to be top of the line, or even close to it. All it has to do is be able to run some basic programs and have a wireless setup.

Lets see, other than the whole internal laptop debate, I've been selling a few things online. I'm back to peddling those wedding coasters to girly bride forums. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but one of my sisters came up with the idea when she was prepping for her wedding and I got tapped to carry it on. It's pretty profitable overall, but I've tended to run hot and cold on the whole thing. For one, I refuse to make posts on the wedding forums, feeling completely out of my depth there. That means I basically have to wait for my sister to make an entry and then I end up fielding emails and filling orders, pretending I'm her.

So those are the coasters and I've been selling them in lots of 100. It always amazes me just how gungho and nitpicky some brides are when it comes to their weddings. I sometimes feel like I'm involved in some sort of demented RPG when selling coasters. It's just another world where I have to be bright and chipper and chitchat. No wonder I can only handle it for limited periods of time.

Oh, I also bought 14 copies of the Lego Advent Calender for a pretty good price. I should be able to flip them on eBay for a bit more than double what I payed.
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