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Political roundup

It looks like things are shaping up pretty nicely on the whole political front. I'm not nearly as much of a politics wonk as I used to be, but I'm still getting a contact high off of the machinations and reversals of fortune. It's pretty remarkable really. Just a few weeks ago all the convention wisdom was that the republican race could go down to the wire without a clear nominee while Hillary sailed to victory on the democratic side. Now, all of a sudden, the republicans have their nominee in everything but name and it looks like the dems won't sort their crap out until June. As per usual, the dems will form up their circular firing squad and shoot from now to then. Fantastic.

Even better, Edwards dropped out today who happily removes the candidate I loathe most. I could and can deal with just about any outcome as long as he's out of the way. I have seldom run across a politician that as transparently slimey as Edwards sans corruption. Maybe it's just the trial lawyer thing, but I just couldn't get over the impression he was more phony than a $5 rolex. It turns out that I'm not the only person to feel that way about him, though it's not an opinion you run across very often in the media. He never really had a chance at the nomination and his press coverage matched. Why waste print pointing out how much you think a guy is a wanker when he's never going to get the nomination anyway. Anyway, if you're curious, here's the Fake Out article on Edwards. It sums up a lot of the things that drove me bonkers about the guy.

You know, you almost have to feel sorry for the hippies and liberals and progressives out there. It's no wonder they're half-crazed, pulling their hair out over this election. I mean, think about it. Love him or loathe him, GWB should be an incredibly easy target on a whole bastion of issues. Even with everything going in their favor, the candidate the dems picked for electability ends up borking his chance and Bush wins a second term in '04. Then, despite pickups in '06, it's almost as if the dems in congress are even weaker and more ineffectual than they were before picking up the majority. There are even more troops in Iraq than before the dems took over Congress and on every real substantive issue, a crippled whitehouse has been able to out maneuver them at every turn. Now, turn to '08, with the added aid of an economy going to pot and all the head to head polls show that at best either of their potential nominees only ties McCain in the general election. It's sort of an odd way to go about it, but it almost proves that there has been a drastic sea change in american politics. If the playing field were really even among the electorate, the dems should be sailing instead of floundering in the waves.
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