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I never did mention this but I saw Blade Runner for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Randy invited everyone up to his place to see the ultra-wonkish new version of the film on blue-ray. He had recently picked up a PS3 and wanted to christen it with a movie night.

Now, I might have many geek interests and a lot of the earmarks of geekdom, but one thing I've never synched with is a lot of the movies of geekdom past. I'm not a big fan of older movies in general, and I find most of the geek classics I've run across to be unbearably bad. I can only assume that being ostrasized by society must put a nostalgic sheen on these movies for a lot of people. That's the only explaination I have since most of them are god awful when viewed on the merits. I still remember seeing Hawk the Slayer for the first time and almost having an aneurysm.

Blade Runner has a pretty diehard following from what I'm told and I'm sure that my opinion that it stank is unlikely to sway any of proponents. First of all, there have been 7 versions of the film over the years and the one I saw was the super-duper mega-ultra director's collector's edition, now with additional incomprehensibility added. In the original versions, there was a narrating voice-over, added because most other people who first saw the film couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on either. That exposition was once again yanked from this purist's version and I had a hard time figuring out exactly what the hell was going on. There were so many plot holes and unanswered questions that I couldn't believe someone had actually read and then greenlit the script. What was impressive were a lot of the shots of the city and other special effects. The film had been digitally remastered and it really looked fabulous from that standpoint. I had never seen a movie in blue ray or HD before and I have no clue whether it was more attributable to the format or the film itself. I have seldom seen images so crisp and stark as some of the city shots in the film.

So if there are actually any Blade Runner fans out there, what in the world do you see in the movie? I liked a lot of the scenary and backdrops, but the actual plot left me completely uninterested.
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