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Goodbye Cable, Hello DSL

Maybe I'm out of touch here, but I think that whoever is responsible for changing the service provider should be the one who has to install all the crap and make sure it's working right. In the middle of trying to make a blade runner related comment yesterday, up flashed a message saying that I no longer had internet access. It took until quite a few hours later to figure out that the service had been switched and it had been assumed I would handle all the installation details. Cue a lot of swearing and raging as I attempted to get everything hooked up. The whole thing was ecspecially problematic because the nearest phone jack to the computer with the router is around 20 feet away in the kitchen. It took forever to find a long enough phone cord and as of now, it looks like I've strung up telegraph wires between those two rooms in the house. There were also some other instillation issues that required I call the company and then sit on hold while they tried to sort it out.

All in all, the whole thing took around a hour in time, but many kilocoronaries in stress. On a sidenote, I think that should be the new standardized measurement for assessing stress level, the kilocoronary. It's sort of like using the kilonazi for measuring evil. If we use the kilocoronary baseline of having a police drug dog move to sniff your crotch while you have 5 condoms filled with heroin stuffed up your ass, this was probably around a tenth of that. Still not insignificant, though I guess all's well that ends well.
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