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It never fails

It's that time of year for gencon badge/hotel registration again, and it should come to no surprise that there will be some sort of cock up. It wouldn't be gencon if there wasn't some sort of FUBAR moment.

When I logged on to try to pick up the hotel room, something in the script on the page caused my entire computer to lock up in the middle of the confirmation process. I sat around waiting for as long as I could and then manually killed explorer from the task manager. By that point, the room I had been after had already sold out. It's one lovely idiosyncrasy of the registration system that until you complete the entire transaction, nothing counts. It dosen't take the room out of the avaliable inventory until the end. That means that if you're a slow typer or you have computer issues like I ran into, you're basically fucked. By the time I got things rolling again, instead of the four nights I had requests, only one night was avaliable. There was, of course, no real highlighting of this fact. If I had really been in a rush I probably would have just booked it and assumed that it had given me what I had originally requested and it said was avaliable.

Anyway, after some other obnoxious issues, I did manage to get a King Suite at the same hotel rather than the double I was going for. It's not a complete loss for sure, but it's still sort of galling to have had the room all set and then to get hosed on it a step away from completion. I should be getting into town early for the event and I'll see if I can get the King swapped for a double then. I'm still not sure exactly what my travel plans will be like, but as long as I get a good priceline price for a no-tell motel in the area, I'll probably head in Tuesday just like last year.
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