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Que sera, sera?

What fates impose, that men must needs abide;
It boots not to resist both wind and tide.

-William Shakespeare (Henry VI)

Alrightly, so here's that entry I promised when I was pondering to myself on the voice post yesterday. What sparked the thought in my head was a song on the radio that I had never heard but liked right from the start. It had one of those chipper and melodic tunes that I almost always like on a first impression, regardless of what the lyrics are. In fact, I don't end up paying that much attention to lyrics most of the time for music, at least not without extreme repetition. For some reason, I have a hell of a time deciphering them sometimes. I still remember running across rap when I was a kid and realizing that as far as my abilities to comprehend, they might as well have been speaking Swahili.

It got me to thinking about the competing parts of my nature. Here I am, someone who is more likely than not to be singing the oscar meyer weiner song or christmas tunes in July and it dosen't really fit the darker parts of my personality which often seem to predominate. So what made me a grumpy and bitter person and in some parallel universe, could I have turned out to be sunny and chipper all the time? Am I simply geneticly predisposed to feeling blah, or have the events of my life shaped me irrevokably into who I am?

Now, I've always been a nature over nurture person. As a previous research scientist sort of person, it's hard not to be. I've seen large chunks of the scientific evidence and everything down to things like correlation suggest that we are controlled far more by our genes than our environment. It makes me wonder if there could have been any circumstance under which I'd be a completely different person. Maybe if I had been popular, or maybe if I had been really talented in something highly valued, maybe if I had more friends or better friends, maybe if I had the love of a good woman, or maybe if I hit the lotto or was Donald Trump's only heir. Or, perhaps you think that what causes my bitterness is that I've had too much in this life. Would I have been a better person if I had been born destitute? If I had been an orphan? If I were a hermit in the mountains? Who are we, really, at the core of who we are?

Do you think that given different circumstances, that I could have been a person with a happy and chipper nature?


If 'Yes', what change do you think would have made the most difference?

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