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The same thing we do every year

I guess I should mention that yesterday was Bill M's birthday. Last Sunday we ended up all going to the resturant again just like last year and the year before that. It's become a yearly tradition of sorts and the event always end up playing about the same each time. The same people (for the most part) and the same sequence of events.

I ended up dropping the ball a bit with not really knowing what the heck to get Bill and so I ended up procrastinating until it was too late. Whatever I decide at this point, it'll have to be belated. As for everyone else, it was an interesting bevy of presents. My personal favorite was Arthur's gift, something titled 'Asian Mind Games'. Hilarious. It makes me want to grab a copy and then find someone with a crazy asian girlfriend to gift it to.

After the meal, everyone stuck around a bit to game a bit. Seeing as it was Superbowl Sunday, the resturant was practically a ghost town anyway so there wasn't an issue with lack of space. The only thing I ended up trying was the new Playroom Entertainment game Bull in a China Shop. It was pretty good, which was frankly sort of surprising. The small playroom games aren't exactly big on quality sometimes when it comes to gaming mechanics. They tend to depend a lot more on theme and the bits. That's not always a horrible thing when marketing games nowadays. I mean, where else can you get a dozen plus plastic figures of surfing cows or little green cthulhu's?
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