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Shop, shop, shop till you drop

Every once and a while I go nuts, spending money like crazy on a shopping spree, mostly for things I don't need. It's as if the idea captures my imagination and before I know it I'm spending all my time rumaging around online for things to buy. Maybe I'm just trying to use material possessions to fill to horrible emptiness I feel inside, wait, that's not right. That would be the answer no doubt if I was a member of the angst squad though. I think it's just a tendancy toward a compulsive nature. It is kinda sad though looking at all the stuff I accumilate but never really get a chance to use. So what have I bought in the past 48 hours?

First it was the books:

A wrinkle in time
A wind in the door
A swiftly tiling planet
Many waters
The indian in the cupboard
Sequel to the above
Sequel to the above
Sequel to the above
Dicey's song
Izzy willy nilly
Seventeen against the dealer
Charlotte's web
Bridge to terabithia
Dear Mr Henshaw
9 Encyclopedia brown books

Then it was the games

1 Give Me the Brain! (color edition)(Cheapass Games / James Ernest Games, 2003, new)
1 Chez Geek (2nd edition) (Steve Jackson Games, 2001, new)
1 Chez Geek 2: Slack Attack (Steve Jackson Games, 2001, new)
1 Chez Geek 3: Block Party (Steve Jackson Games, 2001, new)
1 Chez Greek (Steve Jackson Games, 2002, new)
1 Lord of the Fries (color edition)
(Cheapass Games / James Ernest Games, 2002, new)
1 Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors (Steve Jackson Games, 2003, new)
1 Munchkin Fu (Steve Jackson Games, 2003, new)

Then it was the Legos

X-wing fighter Original Version (still bidding on ebay)
X-wing fighter Yoda Version (still bidding on ebay)
Tie Bomber

and the comics

Knights of the Dinner Table 71-84 + whatever you think I have a problem?

And regardless, do you wanna come over and play with me and my new toys?

I just bid on two more games for a total of 90 bucks or so if I win both, including shipping.

George R Martin's A Game of Thrones board game that I played at gencon once last year and Sid Meyer's Civilization, the board game. Something I loved as a computer game.

I need to be stopped....

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