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The great love affair is over

It's sort of odd, but I've weathered this stretch without internet access pretty well. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have been freaking out and twitchy as hell. I think it's just come down to the fact that I don't really do anything vital on here anymore. I don't follow many communities or forums or whatever on a daily basis. It's no longer vital that I'm always around and following along. Instead of an absolute necessity, I simply don't have as much of an investment online anymore. That's sort of sad when I think about it because what it really means is that I'm starting to lack real and meaningful connections to people online.

I mean, take LJ for instance. Even as the friendslist grows, I know less about each individual person. Hell, I can't even figure out if most of you are male or female. I sort of read along until someone mentions something that I can link back to a penis or a vagina. I sometimes feel like I should be keeping a spreadsheet somewhere just to keep information updated. Then I realize that it's probably not worth the effort anyway. I dunno why it is exactly, but it just seems that the most meaningful relationships I've had online are all in the past. Maybe I'm just not as invested as I used to be or people suck nowadays :).

So instead of being online, I've spent the past few days playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin on the DS. It's just another of the dozens of games I have in my play queue and after putting in some truly impressive hours into it, I'm just about finished. Since I have that gamer OCD, it's going to be completed with every single item collected and all the secrets explored. On one hand, it's sort of satisfying to know that when you've finished a game, you've really finished a game. Then you realize that mostly what that required was grinding and killing the same monster 300 times just so some incredibly rare drop would appear. In other words, insanity.
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