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National Pancake Day

It completely slipped my mind until now, but today is National Pancake Day. I'm sad to say that it looks like I'll be missing it again this year. While free pancakes are nice and all, I don't think it's worth treking out into the snow to get some. Pity really. Pancakes are one of those things that I never end up ordering but tend to enjoy when I run across them. The last time I had pancakes it was at Ubercon when Bernie offered up a few from her McDonald's breakfast whozit.

I've never really been an IHOP sort of person but it always reminds me of the times that friends and I would trek there back in Chicago. It was always lotsa fun and I would pour syrup into my water and make the equivalent of poor man's bug juice. Ah, the good old days. Just thinking back makes me want to go now. Oh well. Maybe next year.
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