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Oops I did it again

I pulled the trigger. It was another impulse buy that I couldn't quite help. Ironic, ecspecially given how much time, effort, and filthy lucre I spent recently trying to resurrect my clunky old desktop.

I just purchased a laptop.

I couldn't help it. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about computers anymore. The world has passed me by on that topic and I haven't payed all that much attention to it in years. That lack of attention means that I'm pretty freaking ignorant. So what would make me buy a laptop out of the blue when I usually suffer analysis paralysis about everything relating to my computer?

Well, it sort of helps that there are a buncha compu-nerds all freaking out about how good the deal was. Take a look for yourself. It's a Dell Vostro 1500. People were salavating at its $400 price tag and just to double check the value, I went over to ebay and ran a quick search. Seems the exact system is selling easily for $6-700 over there. That's a pretty good incentive to pick one up. At least I can be pretty sure I can offload it if I decide it's not what I really wanted.

The sad part is this laptop will probably run circles around my desktop.
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